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Water Quality

Water Quality – What Can Go Wrong
The quality of water we use in our homes affects our home maintenance and our health. Water quality can impact our showers and baths, household pipes, appliances, and other plumbed fittings. There are a few common problems when it comes to household water quality – it’s important to understand the types of issues that you might face in order to get the most superior service for your needs.

Poor water quality can cause soaps, shampoos and detergents to stop lathering or cleaning as effectively as usual. It can cause scum buildup in the bath or shower, on pipes, or in appliances. If this is happening in your household, then you might have what is called ‘hard water’. This means that your water has a high mineral content. It’s caused by rain water collecting underground, developing a buildup of Calcium and Magnesium, amongst other minerals, and seeping into your supply.

Harmful toxins can also affect the quality of the water you use. The consequences can be dangerous if your water is contaminated. If you notice that your household water is murky or has a foul taste or odor, it could be unsafe. Contaminated water is the result of industrial by-products such as chemicals from factories, bacteria from farms, or landfill leaks.

Of such chemicals, hydrogen sulfide pollution is a particularly dangerous contaminate because it is extremely corrosive. It can damage your pipes, tarnish silverware, discolor copper or brass utensils, and cause staining on kitchen or bathroom plumbing fixtures. It also has a very bad odor, typically causing water to smell like rotten eggs. Although usually not a health risk, in some rare cases hydrogen sulfide affecting household water quality can originate from sewage pollution, which can result in both animal and human disease.

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