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Water Filtration

Five Major Benefits of Water Filtration System Installation
Installing a water filtration system is the best way to deal with household or commercial water quality problems such as water hardness or pollution. Superior Services’ wide range of water filtration options are sure to provide a solution. There are five major benefits to installing these systems:

  1. Soaps and detergents will work more effectively
  2. Scum build up in pipes and appliances will reduce
  3. Water will be clean, conditioned, and odor-free
  4. Harmful pollutants are less likely to be released into the environment
  5. Household drinking water will be safe and your skin will feel softer and smoother

Electronic Control Valves
Systems that use salt and water can be wasteful – an electronic valve gives you control of the cycles, which means that you use less salt and water. This highly efficient system works in tanks of up to 16 inches.

Two-tank Models
When one tank is in use, the other regenerates and vise verse, making sure that water is filtered constantly, saving time and energy.

Pure UV Light and Salt-free Systems
These chemical-free systems will destroy 99% of dangerous bacteria and viruses. We recommend these for larger scale, commercial water supplies, such as in the food service industry or agriculture water treatment.

Targeted Systems
These target chemical and bacteria removal for clean drinking water. Activated carbon cartridges remove contaminates of up to 75 gallons of water daily, through a six-stage process of reverse osmosis. This system is wall-mounted, easy to maintain and comes with a plastic storage tank and dedicated faucet. Ask us about the ‘ultra-filtration’ our smaller, lower-cost system alternative.

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