St. Augustine Duct Cleaning Service

St. Augustine Duct Cleaning

Duct cleaning is the first step to healthy indoor air. Some homes also need air filtration systems or air purifiers to keep the air clean. Do you have a home with a large family or pets? If so, your ducts are especially susceptible to dust and allergen buildup.

Duct cleaning service is an important part of achieving and keeping good indoor air quality. You can clean out the entire HVAC system and install a nice air filtration system, but the air in the home will just get dirty again because it passes through a dirty duct system.

You would be amazed at how much grime can accumulate within the duct work. This happens as dirty air from the HVAC system and home are circulated through them. There are often other things found in duct systems including mold, mildew, germs, bacteria, insects, rodents, and rodent droppings.

Get your duct cleaning done today. How long has it been since the last service? If you don't know or it's never been done, call our St. Augustine air conditioning professionals today. We would love to help you eliminate your indoor air quality problems.

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How Duct Cleaning Works

Our technicians use special tools and equipment to rid your home's duct work of all types of contaminants. The dirt and grime are routed through hoses to the outdoors during service so your home isn't contaminated.

The contaminants are broken loose from surfaces. The system is placed under negative pressure, a vacuum, which removes even very fine particles. The contaminants are collected and removed from the home. Every job is unique, so there may be a variety of tools, equipment, and techniques used to clean your ducts.

Sanitizing Ducts

There are special chemicals that are registered as safe with the EPA which are used to sanitize the ducts. Antimicrobial chemicals will disinfect, sanitize, and deodorize the system. Ask us about sanitizing your ducts.

UV Light Air Purifier For Ducts

If you want a more permanent solution to keep ducts sanitized, as us about UV light air purifiers. This is a germicidal light that kills all types of contaminants and burns off allergens and dust that flow within the air as it travels through the duct work.

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