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At Superior Service, there's no waiting around for your air conditioning, heating, or plumbing repair technician to show up. You'll love our 60 minute service guarantee where you are guaranteed that our technician will arrive within 60 minutes of the scheduled appointment or the service is free.

This is just one way we can make sure our St. Johns customers are happy and satisfied. We also count on our over 25 years of service experience to give you the best workmanship you can find in St. Johns. As air conditioning and plumbing contractors, we stay up on our continuing education so we can work on any make or model of HVAC system you have and use state of the art tools for both services.

We also are very knowledgeable about solar heating, swimming pool heating, and indoor air quality. For all your comfort service needs, count on Superior Service every time.

New Air Conditioning Installations in St. Johns

The air conditioning equipment which you decide to install (or for replacement) in your St. Johns home will need to be installed by a professional who will determine the right size, type, and energy efficient model. Your professional air conditioning installation should be done by contractors with plenty of experience to determine your needs. Every home is different with a different layout, square footage, ventilation system, and more. The homeowners needs should also be taken into consideration.

Finding the right St. Johns air conditioning company is important. After all, you are seeking to cool your entire home with no resulting hot spots. The unit should not be oversized though you may think it's alright. An oversized air conditioner can lead to straining the equipment while using too much energy to run.

For the best efficiency, you would also need to check to see how much air conditioning is being lost through the walls and windows of your St. Johns home. The air conditioning equipment should be able to handle the hot weather here in St. Johns efficiently. After all, you should not face a breakdown in the middle of severely hot summer. You will also need to look for something that is cost effective and of high quality.

our St. Augustine Air Conditioning Contractors offers you the best air conditioning installations for your St. Johns home. We make sure you have the right equipment for your cooling needs. Call today for a free estimate you'll love.

Expert Plumbing Service For St. Johns

When it comes to your St. Johns plumbing repairs, count on the experts at Superior Service. We'll take care of all your leaks, drain clogs, drain cleaning, repiping, fixture replacements, water heater installations and replacements, swimming pool plumbing, and more so you can count on having the reliable wastewater removal and fresh water supply you need.

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