Nocatee Air Conditioning & Plumbing Contractor

Nocatee Air Conditioning and Plumbing Contractor

It is already time to turn on the furnace in your Nocatee home. If you live in a part of the country that is cold during the winter, you spend a lot of money on heating costs. Some people are spending up to 50% of their monthly budget on heating.

Heating costs have gone up rapidly in the past two years. You may find that you are paying twice as much to heat your home. What can you do to save some of this money?

Start by walking through your home and identifying the areas where heated air is leaking out. Check around your doors, windows, fireplaces and any drafty areas. There are many ways to close off leaks. You can caulk, weather strip and use plastic to seal off drafts. Put door sweeps on all of your outside doors. If your Nocatee home is poorly insulated, the additional money spent to insulate it will pay for itself in reduced heating costs. The more you prevent heated air from leaking out, the more you will save. Call your Nocatee air conditioning repair specialist to find out more tips on energy saving.

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